Are You READY for The Next Normal?

We are living in abnormal times. Post Covid-19 will need businesses to be more resilient and responsive to changing business environment.

Business Continuity and Risk Management implementation for the following domains will need Automated Incident Monitoring, Control and Response.

  • Access Control
  • Facilities Management
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Security Industry

Which Part Of The 80/20 Rule Have You Invested In?

Traditionally businesses invest heavily in the 80% of the Pareto principle. However, incident data shows that only 20% of the time incident occurs that require responses.

Our Data-Driven approach is viable with the proliferation of devices and low cost IOT sensors being used today.

This makes it possible to identify incidents and the events and triggers related to these incidents and develop responses according to the critical nature of these incidents automatically.

Can You Respond To Critical Incidents With A Policy-Driven Approach?

In these unprecedented times, working remotely, facilities closures and supply chain disruptions have become the new business normal.

While ensuring the health and safety of employees remains a top concern of most organisations, business goals are unlikely to shift in the short term.

Businesses have developed business continuity plans that need to be automated with decision support systems backed with risk management strategies.

Our Technology

AmerAsia Technologies patent-pending incident monitoring and response solution ensures business continuity using risk management strategies. Our data-driven approach uses industry leading edge devices, sensors and IOTs. and specialized data analytics to implement an end-to-end solution. Our scalable cloud architecture allows for small deployments for a start that is scalable to large complex deployments.


End-to-end scalable solution is necessary to organizations according to the respective policies and decision-making process.


Every organization will experience different incidents and threats. Therefore, a customizable approach is necessary.


Integration provides a flexible solution framework since we focused on the data more than the device or sensor.


Cloud infrastructure helps to implement the solution anywhere, multiple locations, 24 x 7 at an affordable cost today.


Our framework includes an automated notification system that would notify respective decision-makers according to the policy

Devices and Sensors

Integration approach for Edge devices and sensors will allow existing infrastructure to be used, complemented by new technology.

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