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camvi technologies
camvi technologies

Camvi Technologies Inc. is a US–based Artificial Intelligence Company, Specializing in Face Recognition and Identification Technologies. It delivers large-scale, real-time face and object recognition solutions powered by AI to government and enterprises, in areas of Public Safety, Access Control, Border Security, Video Surveillance, Defense, Law Enforcement, Identity Management and more. Camvi’s unrivaled speed and scalability enables searching against billions of faces to be performed within a second, while maintaining industry-leading accuracy.

Camvi Technology Inc. has been endorsed by USA NIST as the Top Facial Recognition technology for 2 years in a roll with unrivalled performance and accuracy.

Powerit Inc.

Powerit Inc. has a safe, recyclable first-of-its-kind air-charging and software solution ready for market introduction with Fortune 1000 partners. Our unique system can be configured to meet the growing needs for anywhere, anytime, on-demand portable power.

Our proprietary system is a high-power zinc-air, “air-activated” battery cell—it’s safe, non-toxic and recyclable. We assemble these cells into portable charging solutions that never need to be pre-charged—they’re always ready to go and activated when exposed to air.


WEYTEC (Switzerland) is the leading KVM platform provider in the world, established 35 years ago, and has been globally installed in top strategic buildings on both military and commercial sites (technological superior platform). Focus is in command centres and buildings.

Luke Systems Technology Pte. Ltd. is the brainchild of Jaya Anand V. Jaya is a specialist in security design, planning and implementation.

He is also a Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 and has completed several consultancy and audits for diverse industries ranging from marine, oil & gas, security guarding, logistics, warehousing etc. Clients he has assisted with achieving certification include Marubeni International, Glencore International and ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd.

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