Who We Are

AmerAsia Technologies is a U.S. and Singapore-based Data Analytics company specializing in automating business continuity and risk management solutions using it’s patent pending Incident Monitoring, Control and Response System. AmerAsia delivers real-time incident and threat management solutions powered by data aggregation and profiling in areas of Security, Public Safety, Access Control, Facilities Management, Healthcare and more. AmerAsia works with companies with specialised vertical databases and real-time data to provide unrivaled speed and scalability enables searching the identification of incidents and threats based on an aggregation of data points to provide high accuracy. These solutions are customized and highly adaptable, enabling an easy integration with existing hardware systems.

Our Mission

AmerAsia Technologies Inc. was founded in 2019 by a team of experienced industry professionals and entrepreneurs. We are co-headquartered in Dallas and Singapore to focus on the United States and Asian markets. 

We believe in taking a pro-active approach in business continuity and risk management through data analytics and automation. Using our patent pending Incident Monitoring, Control and Response System, we believe organizations can implement risk response strategies effectively.

Although the invention can be applied to various industries, we are focused on impacting Facilities Management with Access Control, Security, and Public safety.

We work with solution partners to provide integration and an end-to-end solution.

Go-To-Market Solution

AmerAsia Technologies has developed strategic partners in the security industry in Singapore and Malaysia. These are security agencies looking to transform themselves from the legacy business of supplying manpower to its existing client base to outcome based solutions. This transformation will prepare them for the next normal, post Covid-19 world with the ability to work remotely without onsite manpower and only respond to incidents with manpower.

AmerAsia Technologies is implementing a unique business model combined with a technology eco-system. This approach would allow the design and deployment of industry vertical platforms for automated incident monitoring, control and response. These platforms are more efficient and responsive and utilizing manpower for decision making and response, which is more sustainable in the long term.

They regulate the security industry in Singapore and Malaysia. Therefore, licensing requirements control the number of Security Agencies and it may limit the amount of business.  Top players in Singapore are government related but deeply rooted in man­–based offerings, so they lack innovation both in use of technology and business models.

AmerAsia Technologies’ industry collaborative partnership model can quickly transform these solutions, grow into a significant technology platform through innovation. The security industry is going through consolidation and change, and Covid-19 crisis is proof the manpower model is not sustainable.

AmerAsia Technologies’ industry collaboration includes growth through open market approach will allow the development of next generation security industry businesses relevant in the post Covid-19 world.