AmerAsia Technologies Inc.

Who We Are

AmerAsia Technologies Inc. is a Dallas-based Technology Startup focused on the safety and security industry transformation innovations and technologies that will impact the North American markets.

Our Mission

To impact the Public Safety and Security Industry in North America with our Proven Innovative Platform and through partnerships with industry leaders leveraging off our platform.

AmerAsia Technologies Inc. (ATI) provides a platform that can uniquely secure and manage a cluster of buildings in the most cost effective and yet responsive manner that is usually provided by government in the form of Police, Fire, and Medical.

No one is our competitor but rather we complement all of them.

Market Overview

The market size for the Top Players in the world is between USD5-10 billion

2019-20 Focus

Education - Schools Security & Safety

  • Implement innovative & responsive school security & safe service to augment and enhance
  • Top NIST Facial Recognition Technology to ensure intruders are identified and addressed
  • Identify shooters with immediate response