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Benjamin NG Hock Aik


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Benjamin NG Hock Aik


A serial entrepreneur who has been deep in the technology space since 1985 ranging from software to hardware to internet of everything. Fortunate to have worked for very successful owners from North America to Asia in the past 30 years so has built a network of contacts that can be brought to bear to launch a successful company.

Ben is consulting for a Singapore company to become the leading security technology player endorsed by the Singapore Government. He has also successfully raised funds and achieved a significantly high valuation for the group, a monumental task considering the local company is still in its infancy growth. He also has the added responsibility of growing the business beyond Singapore initially to Malaysia and then to North America.

Previously, he managed to exit some of his startups as well as listing a very prominent startup in NASDAQ before he joined the Singapore Government Technology Agency in 2014–15 to manage a S$500 million grant scheme.

In the earlier years when he was back from the U.S., Ben worked with multi-nationals winning major contracts before he embarked on multiple ventures that engaged with many top players from Asean to Asia to Global Markets.

During his 10 years stay in the U.S., Ben started work in Washington, D.C. for a global finance reporting company, Cambridge Associates, working directly with the owner, Mr. Hunter Lewis. Cambridge is a highly profitable niche market player that ranks Harvard, Princeton, Yale and Stanford as its top clients.

Ben also had a stint in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) working in the Treasury Department, tracking member’s financial position with the IMF (the breakup of loans of Russia and Yugoslavia).

He was an integral member of Learning Tree International (LTI) prior to its IPO, spending 2 years to streamline and stabilize LTI’s USA office and sales systems. (Learning Tree: NASDAQ: LTRE Market Capitalisation of US$250million, source Bloomberg 2004). Ben was then offered to start Learning Tree South East Asia, which he did based out of Singapore.

Personal: Ben is a Singaporean who lived 10 years in the U.S. having travelled to more than 40 States before returning to Singapore. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP is rated one of the top 20 Computer Science tertiary education institutions in the U.S.)